Thai Yoga Massage

THAI YOGA MASSAGE is an ancient healing modality designed to relieve deep muscle tension and ease physical pain and emotional stress by balancing, stretching, and relaxing the body. Results commonly include relief from acute muscle pain or tenderness, increased flexibility and strength, flushing of toxins from your body, and a restoration of your physical and emotional well-being.

Thai Yoga Massage is a healing system that combines passive yogic asanas, myofascial release, gentle rhythmic compression, acupressure, and deep stretching to lengthen, strengthen, and tone the entire body.

  • Decrease recovery times for sports
  • Improve blood flow
  • Increase range of motion
  • Lengthen, strengthen, and tone the entire body
  • Relieve chronic and acute pain
  • Re-balance the body and mind
  • Stimulate acupressure points
  • Ease mental and emotional duress
  • Flush toxins

With roots in Ayurvedic medicine and yoga philosophy that date back 2,500 years, this ancient healing art engaes you in a process of deep relaxation and a profound rebalancing of the physical body and restoration of emotional health.

Thai Yoga Therapy is practiced on a Thai mat on the floor with the client clothed and comfortable.

Medical practitioners and spiritual healers have used this art on their patients for millennea to increase health and optimize well-being.

  • Yoga practitioners- deepen your practice, increase your flexibility and enhance strength, grace, and balance.
  • Athletes- reinvigorate fatigued muscles, increase stamina, decrease recovery times and engage in more effective training.
  • Everyone- relax and relieve stress.

Thai Yoga Therapy is applied to the fully clothed body, without the use of oils. Hands, feet, elbows, and knees are the tools of the Thai therapist. The rhythmic flow in which you are pressed, twisted, and s t r e t c h e d will cause time to stand still. You will feel deeply relaxed, a release of stress and tension, increased vital energy and flexibility, relief from pain, and a deepened connection between the body, mind, and soul.

The purpose of Thai Yoga Therapy is relaxation. Deep relaxation clears one’s mind and assists the body in the restoration of optimal function on a cellular level. It nourishes one’s soul so the Self heals the self.

Yoga and massage are perfect partners. Each discipline facilitates the transformative nature of the other and their marriage is divine. Thai Yoga Therapy is a healing art. It is the union of yoga and massage.

Receiving Thai Yoga Therapy is the ultimate way of obtaining all the benefits of yoga, massage, acupressure, energy work, reflexology, meditation, and more without having to do it yourself.

Thai massage leaves you feeling energized and refreshed

Thai Massage is a wonderful
healing modality
intertwining acupressure, energy meridian work,
and passive yoga stretching. Using
techniques from Ayurveda, yoga, and
indigenous practices,
Thai massage is a traditional medical
practice handed down through an
unbroken chain of masters for hundreds, if
not thousands of years.
Thai massage is remarkably different from
other forms of bodywork.
The session is performed on a thick foam
mat on the floor while the client is fully
clothed. Acupressure points are
stimulated and yoga-like stretches are
incorporated to create homeostasis in
mind, body and spirit.